Published June 15, 2023

Looking forward to become a graduate but unsure about your decision, right? In order to help you, I have put together a list of higher education`s benefits along with important of earning a college degree and why you need to go to college. This may not dictate your future but will notify you of some interesting rewards for being associated with college degree.

Learn the Importance of College Degree

If you Question yourself about earning a college degree, then it is important to keep in mind that graduates are landed more opportunities than undergraduates. The Economy is becoming competitive and in order to get your best shot at a high paying position. You first need to learn the importance of a college degree.

College provides you with Knowledge and Experience you can`t expect from secondary education. In addition, College education also helps you finding a way to fund your higher studies for the upcoming years.

Why you Need to go to College?

Still not convinced for earning a college degree? If I put it in simple words, More Opportunity! Gone the time when even High School Graduates were able to get well paying jobs. Today, the world has transformed from manufacturing economy to an economy solely based on Knowledge. College serves as your gateway for prolific options and handful opportunities.

7 Benefits of Earning a College Degree

Here the 7 Great benefits of being a college graduate for your consideration.

  • Better Earning Opportunities

A College degree is your key to a well paying job! The median earning of a college graduate working full time is more than $51,670 annually.

  • Better Lifestyle

Easy observation, your health benefits won`t stop as long as you are not stressed! The Chances of College Graduates becoming smoke addict are less. Along with that, they also make healthier choices such as adapting exercising routines and healthy diets.

  • Reduced Stress and Blood Pressure

Higher Education helps in reducing stress! According to a recent study, it has been found out that College Graduates experience lower Cortisol levels (a stress causing hormone). In addition, College degree also decrees the risk of prostate, Lung cancer and Colorectal.

  • Future Benefits

Parents who succeeded for earning a college degree hold high expectations from their children to do the same. Studies also revealed the correlation between a female’s education and health of her child. The child mortality rate decreased with the increase of women`s education attainments

  • Job Satisfaction

As we spend most of time working, we can feel how our work affects us. College Graduates are more satisfied with their jobs than anyone else. But if you ask, the most satisfying jobs for a college graduate include names of Teachers, Office Supervisors, Operating Engineers and etc.

  • Job Stability

Looking to build a career which won`t offer you your packing in forthcoming days. Unemployment in College Grads as compared to undergraduates during recession is consistently lower. The best careers for graduates are air traffic controller, registered nurse and federal judge.

  • Provision of Health Coverage

Not a big surprise, earning a college degree also earns you employer provided health coverage. According to a survey, it has been found out that almost 65% Graduates are provided with health care.

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