Published June 15, 2023

Doctor of Philosophy or Permanent Head Damage, it doesn’t matter what you choose to call it. Do you realize why, your opinion does n`t reflect any harm on the respect of PHD Degree. This academic level is better known as doctorate in different parts of world.

However the varies can be understandably according to institute, time and even country. From the entry level research to the higher doctorates if someone obtains a PHD degree, he is automatically promoted to the academic and respectable title of Doctor.

In context of academic degrees, philosophy is not only restricted to the field of philosophy and is often used in broad sense according to its Greek meaning “the love of wisdom”! In some countries, fields such as law, medicine and theology are known as philosophy!

Today, seeing the value and respect for this academic level, still many people argue over its value and what future it promises. Yes, there is a long argument going on “is doing PHD waste of time”. Learning the facts, it seems that biochemistry is highly demanded! So does PHD Degree means nothing, read the following carefully and judge yourself!


  • Massive sources for your thinking and ability for developing ideas.
  • You will enjoy company of talented and hardworking people.
  • Things will even work out for you if you are not morning person because while doing PHD. You have the freedom to arrange your own schedule.
  • Your research abilities will be polished, thus preparing you for the world.
  • Your PHD degree experience will be rewarding and a bit challenging.
  • You will establish a strong bond with fellow students.
  • You will travel a lot and will meet like minded people. This will extend your horizons.
  • You will learn to understand and how to react on jokes, especially PHD giggles.
  • If you made it, you will be officially titled as doctor and you can have some influence over academy.
  • After doing PHD, you can make some alterations in Academy if you like.


  • You will be pressurized to publish you can land a well paying job after getting a PHD Degree.
  • You will experiment things which won`t frustrate you.
  • Even after Graduating, you still would have to wait for job security.
  • In most cases, you will just spend your day while having snacks and people around you.
  • Things will never be as you expected.
  • Sometimes you will feel like you are stupid.
  • Perseverance is your key for success, keep talking to the same boat for better results.
  • You will mostly live on the mercy of supervising team, this means you will be forced to run errands and face some embarrassment in order to make things right in the end.
  • Research is not everyone`s cup of tea, and if you are included. Than doing PHD might be the worst decision you ever made.

You will have to face a lot of competition and workload at young age.

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