Published June 16, 2023

The Accrediting Commission of International Colleges and Universities (ACICU) seek for accreditation to accept their quality and confirm that they are striving for perfection dependent upon a robust Christian rationality of training establishment.

The ACICU accreditation convention is one of a kind in two significant ways: (1) the convention tests the otherworldly parts of every segment of the association and (2) the convention addresses the instructive quality and respectability of the association. The last addresses the issues exhibiting that the colleges is accurate to its own particular proclamations of logic, mission, and objectives and that it is gathering the norms of value and viability.


The Accrediting Commission of International Colleges and Universities (ACICU) accreditation is an exceedingly compelling route for a Christian University system to assess itself in light of its novel instructive mission. A genuine Christian University may be considered including the four intertwined instructive strands of (1) scholarly plans and considering; (2) aptitudes for life and living; (3) consistent with the scriptures perspective establishing; and (4) individual character, qualities, and profound framing. The study toward oneself methodology controls a University to assess and think about whatever it does in light of this notable, four-pronged mission.

Accreditation and Universities change aid in improving in a deliberate and methodical way. They bring a vivacious dynamic into the college by captivating each college constituent in a methodology of hierarchical evaluation.


Profits excessively imperative to disregard:

  • Documents colleges and universities are accurate to its foundational proclamations (mission, vision, center qualities, objectives)
  • Affirms university meets benchmarks of value built by the universal group
  • Provides acceptance of the dependability of the college through an associate survey process
  • Promotes responsibility to the experts group
  • Improves guideline focusing on expanded scholar accomplishment
  • Promotes continuous instructional change through a persistent procedure of evaluation toward oneself and methodical college improvement
  • Encourages the assessment of bible founded and otherworldly coordination of the college
  • Transfers credits between colleges and between country’s university frameworks

We can’t think about any move made by a college that generates more aggregate college profit than the choices to achieve certify status. Educational program quality is fortified, university arrangements are refined, scholar accomplishment upgraded, and future bearings heightened. Without accreditation the accomplishment of general perfection for a Christian University is troublesome.


ACICU accreditation is recognized:

Approval by the U.S. Bureau of Education for the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP), the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS), I-20 and I-17 structures

  • Various U.S. state, national, & worldwide recognitions
  • Endorsement to direct College Board/ACT exams on the school site
  • Recognition of right on time training accreditation status in a few states, permitting the system to accept higher repayment rates for financed kids

Eligibility for joint accreditation status with the accompanying:

  • Advanced (North Central Association, Southern Association of Colleges& Universities, Northwest Association of Colleges &Universities)
  • New England Association of Colleges& Universities
  • Middle States Association (Elementary and/or Secondary)
  • Western Association of Schools and Colleges


ACICU’s accreditation procedure is actualized by the ACICU territorial office that serves your nearby Christian colleges & universities. ACICU has a mixed bag of accreditation conventions for colleges far and wide, so investigate your alternatives and buy the accreditation instrument at Purposeful Design Publications; then call or email your ACICU territorial office agent. You can additionally go to the Conexus Accreditation Community to discover various assets, devices, and connections to help you in the accreditation process.

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