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To win an Associate degree, people must finish what added up to 60 credits, incorporating center prerequisites in composing and math, and a base number of credits in width classifications, for example, Fine Arts and Humanities, in addition to electives. In the event that you have generally finished comparable courses, those credits may be qualified for exchange. In the event that you have earlier information in a branch of knowledge, the Flexible Option provides for you the open door to demonstrate your dominance through an evaluation and push forward at your own particular pace.

The Oneida flexible option is particularly intended for self-roused nontraditional learners who need their past educating, work aptitudes, and former learning to apply to degrees or testaments. The competency-based and paced toward oneself configuration of the Oneida flexible option fits the timetables of learners who must parity work and family obligations with instructive objectives. Since most Flexible Option skills and evaluations are conveyed on the web, people have the open door to realize when and where they pick.

This paced toward oneself system is in a perfect world suited for:

  • Motivated, taught starters toward oneself who can work autonomously
  • Students who may have finished some school level work
  • Adults with significant expert work experience
  • Those who distinguish the worth of an Oneida University Work Experience Degree Program

A Competency-based and Self-paced Program:

The Oneida flexible option offers another approach to gain a professional education, not the same as both up close and personal classroom guideline and conventional online direction. In Oneida flexible option program, you will:

  • Earn credit for what you know. You may draw upon your existing learning to finish appraisals and make advance to your degree. It doesn’t make a difference where you picked up your learning from former courses, work experience, military preparing, or other taking in encounters. In the event that you know it and can demonstrate to it, you can utilize it to win credit.
  • Advance at your pace. Advance to your degree is dependent upon evaluations of key capabilities dictated by UW employees, not seat time in a classroom. Take appraisals at whatever point you are primed. Pass one and proceed onward to the following.
  • Start when you need, at the start of any month. Your advancement is not restricted by a customary semester or term-based calendar, and you can take softens up between membership periods if and when you have to.

Learn abilities bosses esteem. By passing evaluations of discriminating capabilities, you will demonstrate your dominance of the abilities and learning that are imperative to bosses.

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