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Prior Learning Program

The Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) gives a broadly distinguished system for permitting college credit for discovering that you may have gotten through work, classes, preparing projects, military instruction projects, and accreditation programs. Numerous people and superintendents discover this system greatly engaging on the grounds that it gives an intends to possibly procure college credit for gaining from at work preparing, declaration programs, workshops, corporate preparing frameworks, and other non-conventional courses. It is a tweaked program so distinct outcomes will shift.

Learner may apply earned PLA credit to any of the accompanying online or half and half degree program offered by Oneida University.

  • B.S. in Professional Studies (Healthcare Administration Concentration)
  • B.S. in Professional Studies (Information Technology Concentration)
  • B.S. in Professional Studies (International Organizational Leadership Concentration)
  • B.S. in Professional Studies (Organizational Leadership Concentration)
  • B.S. in Liberal Studies
  • Bachelor of University Studies

Several different majors……….

Other Ways to earn Credits:

Credit by Special Examination (Undergraduate)

Any scholar enlisted in the University who accepts departmental endorsement is qualified to accept credit by unique examination for certain MTSU courses. Skill picked up through study and/or experience may give foundation to learners who wish to endeavor such examinations. Understudies looking for credit by examination ought to, on structures gave by the Admissions Office, demand approbation from the seat of the office or executive of the school in which the course is advertised. No understudy will be permitted to rehash an uncommon examination in a given course inside one year.

Military/Service Credits

Understudies with experience in the Reserves, National Guard, or other Armed Forces may be qualified for certain college credit.

Worldwide Studies Credit

Understudies who have existed, met expectations, or went in an alternate nation may be qualified to win upper division college credit for that experience.

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