Published June 15, 2023

Why do we educate ourselves? To improve ourselves or to lead a better life! To be honest, this question is a little hard to answer than expected. However, I will still answer one important question for you, what are the Best Education Majors? It doesn’t matter if you are going to college or acquiring Best Education Online, unless you are not promised a secure future. There is high probability that your Major Degree won`t do any good.

In order to avoid this, it is in your best interest to make informed decisions. Search well before you choose a major and before finalizing your goal. Realize your options. Today even the slight change makes a big difference such as only a few are paying for Masters in Business Administration however Finance is high in demand. So don`t only look for a major with promising future but also look for what you will be paid at start. Keep it in mind and you will save yourself from a lot of trouble.

  1. Biomedical Engineering
  • Starting Pay: $50,000
  • Mid Career Pay: $90,000
  • Expected Growth in Pay: 80%
  • Job Growth: 60%

Biomedical Engineers are people standing in center of Life Sciences! Engineering and Medical Education Majors leads to exciting work life along with secured finances According to an estimate it is believed that between 2015-2020 there will be at least 50% growth in jobs.

  1. Petroleum Engineering
  • Starting Pay: $95,000
  • Mid Career Pay: $150,000
  • Expected Growth in Pay: 60%
  • Expected Growth in Jobs: 20%

New Technology have always introduced for shale formations which was thought unproductive for over 10 long years. In order to tap the reserves, a new batch of Petroleum Engineers in high in demand these days!

  1. Data Sciences- Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Sciences
  • Starting Pay: $50,000 (Statistics), $45,000 (Mathematics) and $55,000 (Computer Sciences)
  • Mid Career Pay: $90,000 (Statistics), $80,000 (Mathematics) and $95,000 (Computer Sciences)
  • Expected Job Growth: 15% (Statistics), 16% (Mathematics) and 25% (Computer Sciences)
  • Expected Pay Increase: 90% (Statistics), 90% (Mathematics) and 70% (Computer Sciences)

All Three of these Education Majors are included in Data Science! Yes, this filed covers three of most valuable college majors but the good news is its job growth expands every year. As Volume of Computerized Data is significantly increased every year, companies are looking for people to take care of things for them! This leads to creation of some 5 million jobs around the globe by 2016.

  1. Business- Management Information Systems and Finance
  • Starting Pay: $50,000 (MIS) and $45,000 (Finance)
  • Mid Career Pay: $85,000 (MIS) and $85,000 (Finance)
  • Expected Job Growth: 18% (MIS) and 16% (Finance)
  • Expected Pay Increase: 70% (MIS) and 85% (Finance)

Management Information Systems and Finance, both of them are the hottest Education Majors when it comes to business. All you are required to do is (in general) use data as well as statistical ways for examining business performance. For this, you will also need computer, communication and software skills.

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