Published June 15, 2023

Bachelor Degree Program in Interdisciplinary Studies (better known as BAIS) utilizes broad learning experience and slightly wider perspective than Tradition Majors (Undergraduate). These programs are designed to allow a student for participating in Coherent, Academically well and goal oriented education which is relevant for aspiration and Intellection. I am giving everything you need to know about BAIS before you apply for it!

What are Interdisciplinary Studies?

Interdisciplinary Studies provides students a chance to put together their very own degree program. Based on their mindset, students can now select three concentrations in different professional or liberal arts. However the multifaceted approach on other hand encourages for a broader education on better core curriculum. It also provides the opportunity for tailoring a degree in according to one other several career options.

Educational Programs in Interdisciplinary Studies offers three different degrees, these are as following:

  1. Bachelor of Arts
  2. Bachelor of Science
  3. Bachelor of Professional Studies

Although every student completes the same exact core courses however individual degree plans are slightly different. Students who successfully complete 80% of liberal art courses are allowed for Bachelor of Arts Programs. Students who complete at least 50% of liberal Arts are granted in Bachelor of Science where Students complete less than 50% are accepted in Bachelor of Professional Studies.

Interdisciplinary Studies- Bachelor Degree of Arts

Today we are going to discuss about Interdisciplinary Study`s Bachelor of Art. The major is designed especially for students who are looking forward to pursue Interdisciplinary Studies without majoring in one department. Interdisciplinary Studies mainly focuses on Humanities, Fine Arts and Social Sciences. Been designed by each student and a committee consisting of at least four members from a specified interest, students need to be accepted for this program by College, Office of Undergraduate or even Online.


Apart from the mentioned Majors, Student can also enroll to Majors of their own interests, these Bachelor of Arts fields includes Studies of Performing Arts, Middle Eastern Studies, Management, Environmental Studies and more. Curriculum is individually designed for consultation with Student`s\Candidate`s Studies Committee.

Requirements of Degree Plan

Bachelor Degree of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies is different from other degrees as of its Foundation areas, Multidisciplinary Concentration and Framework. The Foundation provides intellectual base in Academic schools according to the student’s concentration. Here concentration component allows multidisciplinary investigation of a field and problems related to a student`s career and education goals. Core courses along with Bachelor of Arts required the viewpoint of at least two different disciplines. Last but not least, the elective should develop and increase or even improve their Student`s Education.

The Foundation

Students now have authority to choose from two different foundations and undergo courses from that very school. Students who need Teacher Certification can also choose an Education Foundation but for informed decisions, better contact your Academic Advisors. Here are different examples of concentrations in Interdisciplinary Studies Bachelor of arts! You can apply for them online if you like!

  • Life and Physical Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Communication
  • Language, Philosophy and Culture
  • Creative Arts
  • American History
  • Political Science
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences

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