Published June 16, 2023

Likewise called 4 year degrees, four year college education projects are honored by 4 year universities and colleges. Included 120-128 credits, you can exchange up to 60 credits from group schools to number towards your four year college education. This undergrad project comprises of general instruction and elective courses, alongside your specific region of study (a “major”).

Sorts of Bachelor Degree Programs:

There are two fundamental sorts of four year certification, the BA or AB (Bachelor of Arts) and the Bsc or BS (Bachelor of Science):

Bachelor of Arts:

A 4 year professional education, the Bachelor of Arts typically obliges you to take a lion’s share of your courses in expressions of the human experience, in particular social sciences, humanities, music, or expressive arts.

Bachelor of Science:

A 4 year professional education, the Bachelor of Science typically obliges you to take a lion’s share of your courses in the sciences, to be specific life sciences, physical sciences, or the numerical sciences.

Other four year college educations and their shortenings:

BASC – Bachelor of Applied Science bba – Bachelor of Business Administration b comm – Bachelor of Commerce bd – Bachelor of Divinity bed – Bachelor of Education beng – Bachelor of Engineering bmus – Bachelor of Music bsf – Bachelor of Science in Forestry

LLB – Bachelor of Legal Letters – Law Degree

Online Bachelor Degrees Available

Oneida University offering four year college education programs in the accompanying orders:

Accounting & Finance advertising art & Design aviation business Administration business Leadership business Management computer Information Systems computer Science criminal Justice.

  • e-Business & e-Commerce
  • Healthcare Management
  • Health Sciences
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Nursing Paralegal Public Health
  • Technology Management
  • Theology& Divinity
  • Web Design & Development

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