Published June 15, 2023

Distance Learning or Traditional Learning, this might get into your head too! But if you pay attention, you will observe that its simpler than you thought. Distance Learning helps people acquire education without the need of staying in class which makes it flexible. On other hand, Traditional Education still manages to keep on top thanks to its rick history and culture. In order to help you out, here are the basics!

Distance Learning

Distance Learning is a way of receiving education where the student don`t need to be physically present in his class. Based on individual basis, it’s basically an access to education when the source and learner have been separated by time and distance. Courses in Distance Education needs physical on site presence for about any reason, this also counts taking exams.


  • Distance Education is praised for being a cheaper alternative for traditional education, yes, by online education you now can cut down your daily expenditures such as paying rent or for gas. As you work from home, you will save both your time and money.
  • You are now able to complete your course from anywhere you want. Just make sure you have an internet connection and a desktop. It’s convenient and better than squeezing!
  • Complete your assignments from anywhere and anytime! No need to stress about your work.


  • You will lack social interaction in distance education. If you care about making a social presence, then reconsider your option. You interaction experience in Distance will be completely different from traditional.
  • Don`t let it get in your head, as Majority accepts online certification! There are a few employers who are not comfortable with online degree. Something to think about!
  • If you are not a tech savvy then distance learning might not be the thing for you!

Traditional Learning

Better known as back to basics, Traditional Learning is far long established customs of acquiring education in educational institutes. There are a few forms with promote people for adapting progressive practices but it’s a bit holistic approach. Traditional Education is known for focusing on individual student needs and in favor of self expression. It also helps to improve your interaction which is nearly impossible in Distance Learning.


  • Students gets a chance to be exposed to unpublished and hard to find material
  • Arouse interest in a subject
  • You can easily compliment and clear text material
  • It facilitates large class communications


  • Needs the instructor either to possess or learn better speaking and writing skills
  • Student experiences a passive instead of active role (hinders are learning from this.
  • Traditional learning is one way communication and therefore lecturer needs to make conscious efforts for realizing his student`s problem. However, on contemporary, instructor can now influence his students without much hassle.


Being modern way for Education, Distance learning still has its demons. Yes, Distance learning may not suits us but still it’s a go for people with jobs. On other hand, Traditional Educated still remains a choice for majority of student only because of its reliability and history.

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