Published June 15, 2023

In past mostly people just aspiration to be a doctor or engineer but now a day’s numerous fields are accessible to join. Hospitality degree management program is one the best field for vigorous persons. The industry of hospitality is very vast it’s accessible with various positions. To having a hospitality degree program candidate can appoint in clubs, restaurants, parks café, resorts, and bars. It’s a very good degree to study because it can give a brighter future to student. This degree holder person may avail the opportunity in national sports team to organize their existing when they travel out of country.

Hospitality degree management program has several types but the most imperative are degree in hospitality management and global hospitality degree. Hospitality management degree is suitable for those candidates who have wanted to do more in their lives. Some people have the spirit to do something for others in their life so global hospitality degree is good for them.

Best Schools for Hospitality Management Degree Program:

Many best schools offer hospitality management degree but it’s difficult to choose one of them. Through this article we select some best schools for you. Every school has a specialty in specific degree.

School of Hotel Administration Cornell University:

The top of the list school in hospitality management degree program is school of administration Cornell University.This university has a complete curriculum which covers all the related topics. Time period of Hospitality degree program is 800 hours. University provides the priceless internship facility to students.A great quality of this university is students of Cornell University can study a semester or year out of country.

Michigan State University is the Best School of Hospitality of Business:

Michigan University is the oldest University that provides the high quality degree program of business. Students of this university can do internship in all over the world.According to working program of university there are two levels. Students must have complete 400 hours in first level and 400 in second levels with internship.

Another Best School for the Degree Program of Hospitality and Tourism Management:

Fairleigh Dickinson University is also an old university of state. That has a good curriculum for student with excellent opportunities. Candidates may work in affiliated restaurants during study

Job Opportunity:

Hospitality degree program gives enormous chances of job on high level like as hotel manager, food services manager and some other manager. Managers should have keen look on staff, guest and other matters so that’s why hospitality degree is very helpful for them.

Salary of Managers:

The BLS decide the average salary of managers 53,000$annually. BLS decided to decline the salary of managers. Starting salary of graduate manager at some hotels and bars is 18.000$ to 25,000$. Fresh graduates of hospitality degree in 2012/2013 according to Higher Education Statistics Agency earned 21,180$.salary at a specific hotel like McDonalds a manager can earn 21,000$ to 24,000 in starting.