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Dignitary Protection Training Degree Program

The dignitary protection training degree is a 5 day course that is designed at presenting police and law enforcement groups practical high stage security and witness protection schooling. We’ve got a practical technique to schooling, some study room however most of the time its outside truly doing the education, all tried and examined strategies.

Education Evaluation Dignitary Training Overview

  • Situation awareness & observation strategies
  • Dignitary & witness safety foot strategies & vehicle formations
  • Dignitary protection operational making plans
  • Risk assessments & hazard analysis
  • Web page surveys, protection advances & course reconnaissance
  • Near quarters combat & advanced weapons (safety conditions)
  • Superior counter moves (foot formations & automobile actions)
  • Protection detail assault on dignitary or witness & evacuation conditions
  • Force on pressure (SIMUNITION®) practical excessive hazard safety eventualities
  • Counter surveillance & intelligence amassing strategies
  • Advent
  • Creation to the schooling centers & schooling route overview
  • Character & crew on foot Formations
  • Remark capabilities & situation consciousness strategies
  • Areas of duty and tasks for every member of the group
  • A dignitary manipulates and counters movement techniques
  • Walking drills, low & high profile operations
  • Satellite TV for pc officials (roles & duties)
  • Weapons handling (Pistol, Rifle & Shotguns) Dignitary safety conditions
  • Pistol, rifle & shotgun fundamentals (stance, grip, sight alignment, cause)
  • Holster choice & concealment (pistol)
  • Special carrying options, slings (rifle & shotgun)
  • Pistol holster drills (mechanics of drawing & using a pistol)
  • Extraordinary firing positions & more than one threats/ directions
  • Drawing or the usage of your guns in difficult eventualities & conditions

Vehicle Formations

Evaluate overlaying each high threat and low danger operations

Seating arrangements for customer and crew contributors

Em-buss and de-buss of automobiles with the dignitary

Hazard Assessment/ Website Online Surveys

  • The way to behavior a threat assessment & danger evaluation
  • Protection web site surveys (evaluation, answers & presentation)
  • Safety increase
  • Protection develop techniques
  • Eating place surveys, resort surveys, constructing surveys
  • Course Reconnaissance
  • Travel security
  • Course selection and reconnaissance reports
  • Suspect looking strategies
  • Wall & ground searching strategies
  • Controlling a couple of individuals/ suspects
  • Improvised Explosive gadgets
  • Car searches for explosives
  • Building searches for explosives
  • Man or woman & group Counter moves (pressure on force)
  • Strolling formations, unmarried attack
  • Strolling formations, more than one attack
  • Stay fireplace car Anti Ambush Drills
  • 1 & 2 car anti ambush techniques
  • Force On pressure Anti Ambush Drills
  • Force on pressure (SIMUNITION®)
  • Guns Disarming & near area combat strategies
  • Pistols
  • Rifles
  • Shotguns
  • Team Evacuation moves (live-fireplace)
  • Full counter moves, dignitary motion, assessment drills (single & multiple threats)
  • Evacuation & aid crew
  • Advanced Firearms training
  • Superior shooting, multiple threats & unique directions
  • Shooting whilst transferring & the use of available cowl
  • Magazine modifications & stoppages on the circulate, beneath strain
  • Using guns in & from motors
  • Movement drills, person & small teams, multi directional, multiple threats
  • Vehicle stay hearth touch drills (anti/ counter ambush, dignitary switch)

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