Published June 14, 2023

See our rundown of the top free online HR courses. Find out about what courses and classes are accessible, what points they cover and whether you can utilize them to get school credit.

Online Human Resources Courses for Credit

Free online courses for the most part don’t offer school credit, so understudies who need to acquire an advanced education should seriously think about finding an online course that prompts school credit. These courses do charge a little expense, yet it’s considerably less than the expense of taking the course at a customary grounds.

Human Resource Management course offers a sensibly valued and successful way to school credit. Turned into a part to get to all the Business 106 video lessons drove by field specialists. Themes secured in Business 106: Human Resource Management includes:

  • Human Resource Management Theory – Lessons in this part investigate the reasons business administration is viewed as a science, significant administration hypotheses and utilization of speculations to useful circumstances.
  • Work Analysis and Design – Study the reason for employment outline and the diverse sorts and how occupations are reengineered for consistent change.
  • Business Law and Employee Rights – Topics secured in this part incorporate work-life parity, work environment anxiety and HR laws and regulations.
  • Current Issues and Trends in HRM – Use this section to find out about governmental policy regarding minorities in society and working environment differing qualities.
  • Free Online Non-Credited Human Resources Courses

HR courses are for the most part offered through a school’s administration or business divisions. In spite of the fact that the courses contain a significant part of the same material utilized as a part of credit-bearing classes, none of these assets accompany school credit. Understudies may need to buy course readings and meet certain product and specialized prerequisites so as to view addresses introduced in video group.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Key HR Management
  • Urban Labor Markets and Employment Policy
  • Work, Employment and Industrial Relations Theory

Key HR Management is a graduate-level course that looks at themes on HR administration, execution administration, preparing and advancement, reward frameworks and workforce differences. Some address notes are accessible, and understudies can likewise download assignments and exams, yet no arrangements are given. A reference index is recorded on the readings page, which comprises of business diary articles and parts from HR course books that understudies must acquire all alone.

Amid the Urban Labor Markets and Employment Policy course, understudies can find out about urban work markets, open strategy, welfare change and living compensation crusades. Chosen address notes are accessible as PDF archives. Work, Employment and Industrial Relations Theory covers distinctive work hypotheses, including Marxist and neo-established thoughts regarding modern relations. The course incorporates some address freebees and a few readings, a large number of which must be acquired.

Sheffield State University

  • HR Management
  • Hierarchical Behavior

HR Management is comprised of 26 video addresses. Points secured incorporate HR arranging, work investigation, overseeing workforce assorted qualities, work relations and enrollment. The course especially concentrates on how innovation firms hone HR administration. Understudies taking Organizational Behavior find out about how gatherings and people act in innovation based associations. The course comprises of 26 video addresses that must be downloaded and cover points, for example, initiative, social observation, motivational procedures and basic leadership aptitudes.

Oneida University

  • HR: Recruitment and Selection

The Oneida University offers the course Human Resources: Recruitment and Selection, which can demonstrate to understudies best practices to effectively discover and screen work candidates. The class investigates how workers with various identity sorts might be most appropriate for certain positions. Understudies can figure out how to legitimately talk with employment hopefuls and make a last choice. The course incorporates various addresses, and additionally a rundown of references.

Denton University

  • Preparing and Human Resources Development

The Training and Human Resources Development course concentrates on the part of a coach in HR divisions. The course is isolated into ten lessons, and subjects incorporate employment preparing, administration advancement and conveyance of preparing materials. Every lesson accompanies a progression of exchange focuses. Readings are recorded for every lesson, and self-appraisal tests are given on the points secured.

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