Published June 16, 2023

We have provided Over 5,000 people their Desired Career Growth with our Online Degree Program.

Just Follow these 3 Steps and Apply for the Degree!

Step 1: GATHER

Get your resume and begin highlighting the sum of the positions you have held that identify with the advanced education you seek. Make notes of particular employment responsibilities or commitments that identify with the business or significant you are looking for. Without a resume, scribble down the occupations, obligations and achievements that specifically identify with the degree. Once you have finished your work history examination, make notes of any proceeding instruction, online study, accreditation, military administration, volunteer encounter that identifies with the higher education program. All of these points of interest will make the following step a breeze!

Step 2: SUBMIT

Complete Oneida University Application Form with the data you accumulated previously. Click this Submit to place your enrollment request with the application.

Step 3: WATCH

Mostly in one business day, you will receive an email from Oneida University Evaluation Committee. Watch for this email, as it will let you know whether you have given enough satisfactory data to be granted a Life Experience Degree from Oneida University. If you have earned a degree, you will be furnished with a connection to make payment to accept your degree.

It truly is that straightforward… Just Gather, Submit & Watch.

Apply Now and Earn Your Degree!