Published June 15, 2023

The capacity to keep regular operations running easily is exceedingly esteemed in today’s perplexing business situations. Whether you are planning to enter the workforce or are looking for the qualifications needed to development your vocation, acquiring an Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration at Oneida University may help you secure your position as a part of this testing profession.

Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration Program Highlights

The online business administration degree educational module concentrates on helping you:

  • Create aptitudes in bookkeeping, administration, and programming applications
  • Investigate business operations and refine your choice making and critical thinking aptitudes
  • Apply the administration hypotheses and procedures gained through your coursework to true business situations through a capstone experience

Gainful Employment Disclosures

Access profitable livelihood data, including system length, educational cost expenses, financing choices, and achievement rates.

Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration Specializations

Specializations are intended to equip you with particular learning and abilities in a picked field. Customize your training by centering your elective decisions on a range of study that best fits your wanted profession way. Case in point, on the off chance that you are intrigued by seeking after a vocation in little business administration, the related specialization offers courses in bookkeeping, client administration, and programming applications that give specific learning straightforwardly identified with overseeing little businesses.

Specializations include:

    Business Customer Service Entrepreneurship Meeting and Event Planning Hospitality Management Health Club Operations       Information Processing Office Management Retail Management Sales Small Business Management

What are the Career Opportunities?

Whether you need to start a profession in administration or roll out an improvement to business organization, acquiring an associate degree good to go organization may help you meet all requirements for entrance level positions in an assortment of fields.