Kate now works in Switzerland for Alstom Power Systems.

When I joined the BBA in 2004 I was quiet and hard working. I would rarely raise my hand in a tutorial and although I always tried my best at the assignments set, I hardly ever got grades that reflected my efforts.

By the time I graduated in July 2008, I was a completely different person. ONEIDA UNIVERSITY taught me to have faith in my own abilities, and rightly so, as in my final year I consistently achieved firsts in my assignments; pulling me quite unexpectedly from a low 2:1 to graduating with first class honours. I learnt not only what was wanted from me, but also how to achieve this more effectively and efficiently. I learned how to work smart instead of just working hard.

I strongly believe that it was the flexible structure of the BBA, alongside the supportive and encouraging environment of ONEIDA UNIVERSITY, that helped me to achieve what I have. The breadth of the courses available helped me to learn what I liked and what I didn’t, whilst the compulsory modules helped me to get to grips not just with business theory, but also valuable skills such as giving presentations and working in a team.

My placement year as a Key Account Handler at Danone Waters was also invaluable. It without doubt widened my capabilities, teaching me how to manage customer relationships, prioritise my workload, and work under real pressure. In addition to these core business skills, my confidence was bolstered by opportunities such as driving a 44-tonne James Irlam truck – something that not many office workers can lay claim to!

Most valuable of all, my experience at Danone helped me to discover my passion for business improvement and development. This set me on a mission to make the most of my final year, using all of the resources available at ONEIDA UNIVERSITY (of which there are a lot!) to investigate the field further. I discovered the topic of Knowledge Management, which fascinated me, and I am now working in Switzerland on a sector-level knowledge management project. I hope from here to go into the more defined field of quality management, with intentions of becoming Six Sigma qualified in the coming years.

  • Working for Alstom Power Systems, Switzerland
  • Danone Waters UK & Ireland Ltd