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Oneida University, an online college established by the governors of 19 western states, offers Accredited life experience degree program by implication on the grounds that its whole model is competency based and credit based. "'Simply demonstrate it!' is the quintessence of Oneida University whole degree structure," says Bryan Patrice, OU Head of Admission Department. "Students advance through their degree programs based after passing different appraisals. On the off chance that they've obtained their skill through life experience, they may have the capacity to pass the appraisals all the more effectively or rapidly. Particular courses aren't needed, yet we will verify that, you know your stuff or not."

Now Let me ask you one thing that, Can you get Accredited Life Experience Degree or not?

Yes! On the undergraduate level, you can acquire a whole associate degree or bachelor degree through an assessment of earlier learning. Exhibiting former adapting regularly includes utilizing exchange credits, credit by examination, or portfolio improvement and assessment.

Also note that, prior learning assessment is a more formal strategy and is perceived as an honest to goodness method for giving credit. On the off chance that you can exhibit that you've learned something proportionate to substance taught in a course, then you can procure college credits and apply them for a life experience degree.

There are numerous universities offer life experience based degrees in different majors, for example, data engineering, business administration, accounting, culinary expressions, information technology, drafting, human resource and nursing. Students may seek after these interesting degrees to help them rival with other people who have degrees but need viable employment experience.

Accredited life experience degrees may incorporate management supported courses, workshops, preparing, proficient confirmation or military instruction, and also courses taken at a school, college, professional or specialized institutions. Volunteer work with important associations and autonomous composition and perusing may likewise check to a certify life experience based professional education.

Proper Research on Life Experience Degree

Some life experience based higher education programs are not authorize and are not profoundly respected. Students ought to be particularly careful about life experience based degrees at the Master’s and PhD. levels, in light of the fact that they are commonly not licensed by authorized accreditation organization. You should check properly which accredited organization is authorized by U.S Higher Education Department.

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